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Share your music freely, listen to music freely, support music freely.
Dogmazic is a free music sharing service, free and ad-free.

Learn more about free music via our blog or come chat and build with us on our networks.

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To publish your music under a free licence on, you just need to create your account and/or to login then to click on the "Upload" icon in the menu bar.

Note for hotmail/Microsoft address owners
The politic for mail delivery of Microsoft causes currently our email are sometimes delivered in the SPAM folder. Please check this folder if you are waiting for the validation, or account recovery, email.

Libre Musique, how, why ?

The musical archive provides more than 60 000 music tracks, all of them downloadable freely "totally quietly and totally legally".
The musicians who publish on all choosed to provide their musique under a free or open license
According to the license chosen, many rights can be grandted as-is to listeners.
The most permissive license, the CC-BY, allows any kind of use as long as the author and the license are indicated, including commerical uses without any counterpart (which can be useful for a monetized video soundtrack).
At the other side of the spectrum, the most restrictive open license, the CC-BY-NC-ND, allows only unmodified copy and broadcast outside any kind of commercial use.
Some of the open and free licenses can allow remixing, commercially or not. Some of them may demand that the remix is placed under a free license as well. For more information about the rights granted to the audience by free and open licenses, you can take a look at the licences table in our documentation.

The volunteer organisation exists since 2004 thank to the volunteer of the non-profit Musique Libre which acts as the site editors, whithout commercial aims. Dogmazic is funded only by donations made by musicians and listeners, counterparts for events like conferences and workshops, and by membership fees of the Musique Libre's volunteers. Initially based in Bordeaux, Musique Libre is now located in Lyon. It also maintains a blog providing informations and news about free cultures and commons.

Join the non-for-profit association

The more people there will be in the volunteer organisation, the louder we will be heard representing musicians using free or open licenses and their listeners toward corporate actors of the music industry.
By joining the non-for-profit association, you will be invited to join our general meetings that take place over the internet, and you will be able to vote for decision taking.
Membership for natural persons is costing 10 euros a year, and for legal persons (organisations, companies) it is 50 euros per year.
Join or renew your membership via HelloAsso
Also, you can join us or renew your membership, using the donation buttons below, indicating "membership" in the comment of the money transfer, or send a check (drawn on a French bank only), along with a letter indicating you want to join or renew, to the address mentioned below.

Dogmazic needs you!

In December 2022 the Musique Libre volunteer organisation had its general meeting. Read the report of the general meeting (in French)
We are still deeply in need of your support to ensure that the Dogmazic / Musique Libre project will be kept alive. Including for allowing our servers to handle the ever-growing use of the website, by music lovers as well as by musicians.
For France tax residents, Musique Libre being recognized as a public interest organisation, your donations can be substracted from your income tax at a 66% rate (a 20 euros donation will cost you 6.80 euros). You will receive a receipt during April of the year following the one you donated.

Donate with Paypal

Donate with a check

Send your check (drawn on a French bank only) to this postal address :

Association Musique Libre !
26, rue du Bon Pasteur 69001 Lyon

Donate with Flattr

Wire transfer

Contact us to get an IBAN/RIB for wire transfer

The new Dogmazic is compatible with any application supporting the standard Ampache or Subsonic APIs (yes, even on your smart TV). Just search for a Subsonic or Ampache compatible application among the ones available for your device, and type in as the server address.

Please note that most, if not any, mobile application compatible with Ampache and Subsonic will require that you have an account on our server. If you have not already created one, you can do so here.